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  • Jeremy Brooke

SOUPer Pottery Party

There are so many aspects of creating art, that each individual has their own, unique way of expressing their abilities.

For me, I want to keep my pieces functional and something you want to use every day. That doesn't mean it can't be beautiful too. But beyond the looks, I want my work to be used. Whether drinking your morning coffee or enjoying a wood-fired pizza, do so with a great piece of pottery.

This event brings together my two loves of food and pottery. I want to share these things with you! So, I present the SOUPer Pottery Party! Order your tickets through the even page to reserve your spot. When you get here, check in and pick out your favorite soup bowl. I will have a few different soups available to choose from. It will be a great evening to relax, enjoy the fall weather, and enjoy a nice meal.

On the menu:

Vegetable Beef

Chicken and Rice

Chicken Noodle



I hope to see you here!

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